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Traveling with disabilities can be difficult and it tends to keep people from disabilities from wanting to take part in family vacations or special events, and cause them to miss out on doing things that they want to do. However, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that accessible travel for people with disabilities is becoming a much bigger concern for many companies in the travel business and it continually grows easier for people with disabilities to travel. With the additional help of the tips provided below, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that disabled travelers will be able to take the trips that they want to take.


Notify in advance: Airlines and other services will accommodate the needs of disabled traveler but make sure that they have an adequate amount of time to do so, so alert them of your needs when you make your travel arrangements and do not wait until it is time to get on board the plane to make sure that they have been fulfilled.

Talk to your doctor: You doctor may have some advice of their own on what you should do to make your travel easier. They can also provide you with documentation on your conditions, medications, or other medical needs, to have handy when needed or if an emergency occurs. Also look for available doctors at your destination just to be safe.

Have what you need: Bring extra medication, make sure that you have your medical information insurance and documentation on you, and consider bringing extra tools or parts for things like wheel chairs or oxygen tanks. You never know when you may need these things and it is best to be prepared.

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