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Grand Solmar Timeshare warns that fliers are one way to get scammed out of your money on vacation. When you are traveling, the idea of getting a dinner delivered to your hotel room may sound like a good idea. It is easy, cheap and after a long day of sightseeing is something that everyone will enjoy. Conveniently, when you return to your hotel room, you find a flier that has been slipped under your door or has been placed on the door handle to your room. It looks good and it solves the problem of what to do for dinner, so you decide to give the place a call.

The problem is the place that you are calling is not an actual restaurant that will deliver the dinner that you crave. When you place the order, you will be given a total and asked for a credit card to pay for it. The credit card will be charged, but the food will never be delivered. In fact, United Reservation Services reports, your credit card could be charged for a lot more than the total they reported to you.

The Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention team has a suggestion about how to keep this from happening. Do not trust the menus that are left in your hotel room. The hotel may not be aware that the menus were put into the rooms and they are not affiliated with these restaurants. If you want to find a place to order from, contact the front desk at the hotel and ask for their recommendations. They will be glad to tell you where to get quality food.