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Grand Solmar Timeshare  Scam Team knows that many hotels are offering their guests access to the internet on a free Wi-Fi network. The hotels will offer this service in the rooms or they may offer it in common areas of the hotel. When a person is using this free Wi-Fi they need to be aware of the dangers that surround it. There are many scam artists that are looking to steal the private information that people have on their computers. In a public area of the hotel, this can happen a few different ways.
 They will look over your shoulder – This is the most basic way to steal private information. If they see you type in a password, they may be able to use it themselves. To prevent this, do not surf any sites where you have personal information on.
 They will set up their own network – A hacker will set up a network that has a name similar to the hotel. They will try to gain access to any computer that use the networks they set up. Before you use a public network, make sure you know the correct name for it warns the Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Squad.
 They will hack into your computer from the hotel’s network. A good computer operator will be able to pull off this scam. They may be able to get malware on your computer that will steal private information. Make sure your computer is protected by security software to prevent this from happening.
If you practice smart internet surfing on a public network, you should not have any problems. The key is to always keep your guard up.