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Grand Solmar Timeshare highlight the common flirting scam.

Avoid being a victim of Common Flirting Scam

For anyone who is going on a vacation, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that the possibility of meeting a new friend or love interest from another place is something that excites many. In fact, many people fantasize about this happening that they might overlook some serious clues that someone who is supposedly interested in you might just be trying to scam you out of your hard earned money.

The Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Team knows that while many scam artists seem to be male, it’s the men in this case who are being targeted as victims. While you are at a buy tourist destination, a pretty local female will approach you and start to make conversation. She will laugh at all your jokes and seem to hang on every word.

In fact, just when you think things are going well, she will confirm it by inviting you to a popular bar. But Grand Solmar scam warnings state that when you get there, you may be surprised to find that she isn’t alone. She and several of her friends will be there, enjoying a night out on the town. You will enjoy their company and become distracted during the many drinks that you may not realize they have disappeared and stuck you with ALL of their tabs.

While it is fun to meet new people while you are on vacation, it’s also important to use caution against such scam artists. You never know when a stranger might have less than honorable intentions. Grand Solmar Timeshare advises that it’s always a good idea to keep your guard up and be on the lookout for any of the common warning signs. For other helpful travel tips, please visit http://www.instagram.com/grandsolmartimeshare