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Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful spot for summer vacations. It boasts a breathtaking atmosphere, fantastic views, and is a perfect destination for some relaxation or summer fun at the beach. For travelers who are getting ready to take their summer vacations for 2015, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that they will be able to find activities that fit their travel needs, from thrilling adventures to nature hikes, and from trips to local historical sites to fantastic nightlife offerings. For travelers who are headed to Cabo San Lucas in the next couple of months, Grand Solmar Timeshare recommends the following three activities to add to any great Cabo San Lucas Vacation.

  1. Hike Mt. Solmar: This is a great choice for either nature lovers who want to experience the wonders of Cabo San Lucas, or those who want to spend some time working out and having an adventure. A hike up this mountain is not only a fun activity, but it also offers some of the most stunning views in Cabo San Lucas. There are even guides available to help those who are less familiar with hiking make the trek up and enjoy the views at the top.
  2. Visit the Thomas Spangler Photography Gallery:For art lovers, Grand Solmar Timeshare recommends this gallery located in the Wyndham Lobby. The gallery showcases the work of photographer Thomas Spangler. Taking the time to go and gaze upon these beautiful pieces of art is sure to be a highlight for many trips. There are also photographs for sale so that travelers can purchase one of the beautiful pieces to commemorate their trip to Cabo and showcase a lovely piece of art back home.
  3. Enjoy Lover’s Beach:Also known as Playa del Amor, this is a great spot for an amazing visit, and naturally, is a great spot for couples to relax together and enjoy all that this incredible beach has to offer. To get to this spot, travelers must take a water taxi, but finding one with a glass bottom can give travelers a bit of extra excitement as they gaze upon the waters below them. Once they arrive at the beach, visitors can enjoy the beautiful views, take a swim, or just appreciate the tranquility with a loved one. Summer is the perfect time to visit this spot on an amazing getaway.

This summer, Cabo San Lucas is a great spot to visit. All the outstanding adventures that are waiting to be had and the beautiful spots that can be visited allow travelers to enjoy a unique getaway when they travel to Cabo. For more information on traveling to Cabo San Lucas this summer, visit Grand Solmar Timeshare at http://grandsolmarresort.com.