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Beach resorts are a great way for travelers to relax, and often offer many amenities for them to enjoy. Grand Solmar Timeshare knows there will be plenty of people who will offer visitors at a beach resort anything they need. Food and drink can be delivered to anyone who doesn’t want to interrupt the sound of the waves and the sun overhead.

But while most of the beach resorts provide a variety of legitimate services, the experts at Grand Solmar Timeshare Scams Prevention Team know there are also many scam artists that look at these people as their next victim. In fact, one of the simplest scamsthe sale of jewelry. There are a couple of ways that they will try to cheat travelers out of their hard earned money:

  • Fake jewelry – The sellers of these items will make untrue claims about what they are selling. They will offer a strand of pearls that they say is real for a very low price. These are often not what they seem and it’s important to remember not to believe everything you hear.
  • Pushy salesman – Sometimes a seller may approach someone on the beach and they will actually put the jewelry on the person. A necklace may be put around the neck before the beachgoer realizes it. But when you this person tries to hand it back, the seller will start insisting that they have already purchased it and will demand their payment. The best tip is to take the jewelry off and put it at the feet of the seller. No matter what, Grand Solmar Timeshare Scams Prevention Team says don’t fall for their scam and just walk away.