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This year there will be many options for travelers who are trying to choose the ideal destination for summer getaways, whether they are going with partners, friends, their kids, or even alone. There are many great choices out there, but few are as exciting as a luxurious resort vacation in Cabo San Lucas with Grand Solmar Timeshare. This June in Cabo there will be a number of fantastic ways to enjoy the trip, from local activity staples to limited time events that will make the time away from home truly special. To customize a vacation with Grand Solmar this year, travelers are encouraged to take advantage of one of the great new services available through Grand Solmar.

Cabo San Lucas has long been recognized as one of the best fishing destinations in the world. For that reason, many travelers come to Cabo just to enjoy fishing for Marlin and other big game fish and often come back with some fantastic catches. Through Grand Solmar Timeshare it is easy to book a fishing vessel or tour on the water and for even amateur fishermen to try their hand at the sport for the first time during their upcoming vacation. Additionally, those fishermen who may also be foodies can also try a unique new service from Grand Solmar to put their catch to good use.

With the “Hook and Cook” program that has been recently started at the Grand Solmar resorts, travelers who like fishing can now bring the fresh fish that they themselves have caught to the resort to have it cooked up for dinner for a small fee. The fish can be added to a variety of delectable dishes, making the already extraordinary dining experiences available at Grand Solmar very unique as patrons can not only enjoy a finely cooked meal but also appreciate the fact that their own skill put that food on the table. Grand Solmar invites guests this summer to enjoy this new service that will mix their love of food with a fun vacation activity to create one of the best travel experiences available in Cabo San Lucas. Be sure to check out this new service during an upcoming vacation with Grand Solmar Timeshare.

When travelers are looking for an extraordinary destination where they can appreciate their time away from home, they will discover that the beautiful and varied Cabo San Lucas is the ideal destination for their trip. Grand Solmar Timeshare makes it easier than ever for travelers to enjoy this extraordinary city in world class luxury and with the best service in the industry. To learn more please visit http://grandsolmarresort.com/