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Grand Solmar, a leader in the provisions of high class vacation accommodations, offers members a focus on customer service and satisfaction, strives to find ways to keep our clients safe and happy. In fact, our recent efforts have expanded in trying to warn our clients of common travel scams. Grand Solmar scams prevention team knows for anyone planning their summer trip to destinations around the globe, being aware and using common sense can help avoid any of the common scams. Here are some frequent frauds to be especially aware of while away from home this summer.

1. Burning Building Scam: Upon arriving at your destination, the cab driver informs you the hotel you already booked has recently burned down or has closed. They often quickly offer to take you to another destination, and the truth is that this is one where they will get a commission or some other type of compensation for bringing you there. Always call to verify to avoid paying twice for something that is indeed still standing.

2. The Hot Dog Con: A man is eating a hot dog, which is really just some mustard or ketchup in a bun, walks by and squirts it all over the tourist. Grand Solmar Scams Prevention Team shares most travelers would drop their bags and clean off the mess, but while the man is helping you clean up and apologizing, an accomplice is going through your purse, briefcase, shopping bags or luggage. Even if it seems like an accident or the person seems genuine, and whether you are standing and sitting, place your bags between your legs or keep them in your line of sight.

Grand Solmar knows these tips will help you avoid any travel scam while on your vacation this summer.