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Many people find it hard to take vacations these days because of the costs. Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention knows that for people who need a vacation but don’t have the means to would probably find an offer for a free vacation a godsend. However, many of these too good to be true travel deals and free vacation offerings are scams in disguise, and if you fall for them, you will find yourself spending thousands of dollars on your free vacation. Fortunately Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention is here to help you recognize and avoid this scam.

What happens in this scam is that the schemer will send you something, by mail or through the web, that says that you have won a free stay at an exotic vacation destination, and they will include a number for you to call to claim the prize. However, when you call, you find out that to accept the stay, you also have to book your travel plans with that company, and you will have to shell out a couple thousand dollars before you can cash in on the prize. If you do end up finding a way to pay the extra fees, you will get there to find out that the hotel is not at all what was promised.

If a free vacation does not turn out to be free, then you really do not want it. Politely decline the offer and save your money to make your own travel plans for your dream vacation later.