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Grand Solmar Timeshare Helps You Plan Your Vacation

Grand Solmar Timeshare know that some people cannot seem to have a good trip. Other people always seem to have a very good time when they travel. If you talk to the two types of people, you will find out that they probably did one thing differently. The people that had a good time had planned their trip before they left. The individuals who had a miserable trip did not make an effort to plan.

  • How to Plan

The planning of a trip requires you to think of a few things advise the members of Grand Solmar Timeshare. You need to think about where you are going when you are going and how you are going to get there. You also should plan what you are going to do and how much you are going to spend.

  • Start Planning

Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that there is no set time to begin planning your trip. It depends on when you are going and what type of trip it is. While when you start planning may not be important, it is still vital to make your plans. If it is a family trip get everyone together and set the time aside to plan the journey. Make sure to involve everyone in the decision so that everyone will be able to enjoy at least part of the trip.

  • Set a budget

The amount of money you spend on a vacation is necessary to remind the members of Grand Solmar Timeshare. It will help you decide many different parts of your trip. Make sure that you think carefully about how much you have to spend and try to stick to the plan.

  • Be Flexible

A plan for your travels is not set in stone. Deviating from the plan is okay. As long as everyone is fine with the changes, you should all end up having a good trip suggest the members of Grand Solmar Timeshare.

Grand Solmar Timeshare

Grand Solmar Timeshare Reviews Information on How All-Inclusive Vacations are a Great Deal

Grand Solmar Timeshare mentions that many places offer travelers an all-inclusive vacation experience.  This means that all of the needs of a traveler are taken care of, almost like a one stop shop for the tourists, at a particular destination resort, like at Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa. Grand Solmar Timeshare says that instead of paying for each of the things individually, a traveler pays one sum that covers all of their needs throughout the duration of their stay at the resort.

Some people like the convenience that these types of packages offer, while other people think that they cost a lot more than they are worth. It makes people wonder if the all-inclusive vacations are really a good deal. Before deciding on one of these vacations, look carefully at all that it offers to determine if it is something that you will like.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Shares Tips For All-Inclusive Vacations

See what is included – All-inclusive vacations offer different things that vary from resort to resort. For some packages, it truly includes all of your travel, accommodations, food and everything else you will need.  It is also common for many things to be excluded.  The cost of alcoholic drinks may be extra and meals may not include all of the meals in a day. If you want to take side trips, they may or may not be included, says Grand Solmar Timeshare.

Are tips included? – The staff at the all-inclusive resorts depends on tips from the guests to supplement their income. This may or may not be included. There also may be a minimum amount that you are required to tip.

Check the cancellation policy – Many people book these types of trips well in advance. It is important to know if you can cancel and get a refund.  Many times, you will only get some of your money back depending on when you cancel the trip.

The key to making sure it is a good deal is to read the details carefully – The more you know, the easier it will be to see if you are getting what you want.

Grand Solmar Timeshare says if your are unsure, you should definitely ask questions and make sure the resort has a good reputation for backing up what they say they offer. Most of all, you should enjoy your vacation.

Grand Solmar Timeshare is exposing three common travel scams to avoid in the coming months of travel.

The best way to arm oneself against scams this season is to be aware of the types of scams that are prevalent, and how these scams work. By staying informed and up-to-date on the type of crimes that are being committed, it is much easier to stay aware and be vigilant even while on vacation shares Grand Solmar Timeshare. In order to assist travelers in these efforts, the scam reduction team is revealing three common scams and how to avoid them.

  1. Fake Tickets

The fake ticket scam is one that occurs around the world. Whether the tickets are for public transportation, a sporting event, a concert or anything else that requires some sort of ticket for entry, there will always be people outside of the venue or station trying to sell tickets that are fake, counterfeit or already used. These scammers can even go as far as to rent an office nearby that they will take you to, which appears legitimate, but these tickets are still fake at the end of the day. The Grand Solmar Timeshare shares that the best way to avoid this scam is always to purchase tickets directly from an authority source, even if the prices are a bit higher.

  1. Using the Phone

This is another scam that happens equally whether travelers are at home or abroad. Someone will approach a traveler wanting to use their cell phone for a variety of reasons that is usually accompanied by some sort of sob story. If the traveler does let the person use their cell phone, oftentimes, the stranger will run off with it, so be very careful advises the Grand Solmar Timeshare

  1. Dropped Ring Scam

This scam involves a local person dropping a ring near a traveler, then coming back and claiming to have found a gold ring on the ground. They will ask the tourist if they have dropped a ring, and when they reply that they have not, they will claim that the ring is too big for them and then attempt to sell the “genuine gold ring” to the traveler. This ring is not gold, however, and those who do pay for this worthless piece of jewelry will find that they have been scammed.

For more information on how to protect oneself from these and other common travel scams while on a vacation this season, contact the Grand Solmar Timeshare at

Grand Solmar Timeshare Invites Travelers to Try New Hook and Cook Service

Foodies and fishermen can try a new dining experience when they vacation with Grand Solmar Timeshare in Cabo San Lucas.

Foodies and fishermen can try a new dining experience when they vacation with Grand Solmar Timeshare in Cabo San Lucas.

This year there will be many options for travelers who are trying to choose the ideal destination for summer getaways, whether they are going with partners, friends, their kids, or even alone. There are many great choices out there, but few are as exciting as a luxurious resort vacation in Cabo San Lucas with Grand Solmar Timeshare. This June in Cabo there will be a number of fantastic ways to enjoy the trip, from local activity staples to limited time events that will make the time away from home truly special. To customize a vacation with Grand Solmar this year, travelers are encouraged to take advantage of one of the great new services available through Grand Solmar.

Cabo San Lucas has long been recognized as one of the best fishing destinations in the world. For that reason, many travelers come to Cabo just to enjoy fishing for Marlin and other big game fish and often come back with some fantastic catches. Through Grand Solmar Timeshare it is easy to book a fishing vessel or tour on the water and for even amateur fishermen to try their hand at the sport for the first time during their upcoming vacation. Additionally, those fishermen who may also be foodies can also try a unique new service from Grand Solmar to put their catch to good use.

With the “Hook and Cook” program that has been recently started at the Grand Solmar resorts, travelers who like fishing can now bring the fresh fish that they themselves have caught to the resort to have it cooked up for dinner for a small fee. The fish can be added to a variety of delectable dishes, making the already extraordinary dining experiences available at Grand Solmar very unique as patrons can not only enjoy a finely cooked meal but also appreciate the fact that their own skill put that food on the table. Grand Solmar invites guests this summer to enjoy this new service that will mix their love of food with a fun vacation activity to create one of the best travel experiences available in Cabo San Lucas. Be sure to check out this new service during an upcoming vacation with Grand Solmar Timeshare.

When travelers are looking for an extraordinary destination where they can appreciate their time away from home, they will discover that the beautiful and varied Cabo San Lucas is the ideal destination for their trip. Grand Solmar Timeshare makes it easier than ever for travelers to enjoy this extraordinary city in world class luxury and with the best service in the industry. To learn more please visit


Grand Solmar Timeshare Recommends 3 Fantastic Activities to Try in Cabo San Lucas this Summer

For travelers who are spending their summer vacations in Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Viejo Luxury Estate and Spa recommends some of the most exciting and thrilling activities available in the area.

For travelers who are spending their summer vacations in Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Viejo Luxury Estate and Spa recommends some of the most exciting and thrilling activities available in the area.

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful spot for summer vacations. It boasts a breathtaking atmosphere, fantastic views, and is a perfect destination for some relaxation or summer fun at the beach. For travelers who are getting ready to take their summer vacations for 2015, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that they will be able to find activities that fit their travel needs, from thrilling adventures to nature hikes, and from trips to local historical sites to fantastic nightlife offerings. For travelers who are headed to Cabo San Lucas in the next couple of months, Grand Solmar Timeshare recommends the following three activities to add to any great Cabo San Lucas Vacation.

  1. Hike Mt. Solmar: This is a great choice for either nature lovers who want to experience the wonders of Cabo San Lucas, or those who want to spend some time working out and having an adventure. A hike up this mountain is not only a fun activity, but it also offers some of the most stunning views in Cabo San Lucas. There are even guides available to help those who are less familiar with hiking make the trek up and enjoy the views at the top.
  2. Visit the Thomas Spangler Photography Gallery:For art lovers, Grand Solmar Timeshare recommends this gallery located in the Wyndham Lobby. The gallery showcases the work of photographer Thomas Spangler. Taking the time to go and gaze upon these beautiful pieces of art is sure to be a highlight for many trips. There are also photographs for sale so that travelers can purchase one of the beautiful pieces to commemorate their trip to Cabo and showcase a lovely piece of art back home.
  3. Enjoy Lover’s Beach:Also known as Playa del Amor, this is a great spot for an amazing visit, and naturally, is a great spot for couples to relax together and enjoy all that this incredible beach has to offer. To get to this spot, travelers must take a water taxi, but finding one with a glass bottom can give travelers a bit of extra excitement as they gaze upon the waters below them. Once they arrive at the beach, visitors can enjoy the beautiful views, take a swim, or just appreciate the tranquility with a loved one. Summer is the perfect time to visit this spot on an amazing getaway.

This summer, Cabo San Lucas is a great spot to visit. All the outstanding adventures that are waiting to be had and the beautiful spots that can be visited allow travelers to enjoy a unique getaway when they travel to Cabo. For more information on traveling to Cabo San Lucas this summer, visit Grand Solmar Timeshare at

Grand Solmar Timeshare Highlights Cabo’s Best Landmarks

Cabo San Lucas best landmarks

Check and enjoy all the beautiful landmarks that Cabo has to offer

Grand Solmar Timeshare is one of the most exclusive luxury resorts in the entire Cabo San Lucas area, truly offering all of those who visit access into one of Mexico’s most beautiful areas. All of those who visit are not only treated to warm sunshine while spending the day at some of the world’s best beaches, but they of course also soon discover this area is home to a lot of beautiful natural sights, as well as a large variety of exciting activities.

One of the first and most iconic landmarks that is associated with Cabo San Lucas area is of course the arches. Also known as El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, Grand Solmar Timeshare reveals that all who visit this area will want to see the beautiful and unique rocks that rise out of the water, creating a truly wonderful sight. Many families who visit choose to rent a boat and spend the day on the water, saving a trip to sightsee this landmark for last during the sunset. This is a truly beautiful way to spend the start of a dream Cabo San Lucas vacation.

Most travelers who visit Cabo San Lucas know this area is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches as well. Many vacationers make this a top priority to visit all of them in order to determine their favorite, but each showcase the beauty found in the area, including white sand and beautiful and majestic blue waters. There are many choices, each one unique in their own way for providing a certain type of atmosphere. Lover’s beach is the most romantic; all couples who vacation in Cabo San Lucas should definitely make time for this activity. Medano Beach is the area’s longest swimmable beach, but there are so many to choose from. Other recommended ones to try include Tequila Cove and Playa Palmilla.

Grand Solmar Timeshare knows families out there who plan their spring vacation to Cabo San Lucas during the spring season will truly enjoy themselves. Whether sightseeing at the natural sights like El Arco, or soaking up the sun at the beaches in the area, this is one of the best vacation destinations out there. For more information about the best activities and other vacation ideas in Cabo, consider Grand Solmar Timeshare the vacation authority.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Shares 3 Scams to Avoid this Holiday

These are the things everyone should read on the internet before leaving for a holiday this year like this woman

The Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Squad reveals some of the most common holiday scams and what travelers can do to avoid them this year.

The Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad knows that scammers are always on the lookout for new ways that they can take advantage of travelers. However, these efforts are even more concentrated during the holiday months of November and December. This is because many individuals and families will take trips during this time period, giving scammers the perfect target for a holiday con. Here are some of the best ways to spot a holiday vacation scam and how to avoid them.

Always read the fine print.

No matter what time of the year vacationers travel, they should always read the fine print for every travel-related expense they make. Whether it’s paying for a hotel, renting a car, participating in an activity or purchasing a large-ticket item, it is important to carefully read all of the fine print and be on the lookout for anything that may seem suspicious. Vacationers should always be on the alert for any sort of hidden charges shares the Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad. This includes hidden fees of any sort whether it be taxes, parking fees, service fees or any other of a variety of hidden charges that can make a vacation extra pricey.

Never pay in cash.

When going on vacation, it is important to make large purchases with credit cards. Fraudulent companies have been known to take travelers’ money and run. When transactions are made in cash, it is nearly impossible to dispute the charges. However, when purchasing large items with credit cards, fraudulent charges can be disputed. Furthermore, the Grand Solmar scam prevention squad shares that hotel reservations, cruise, car rental and airline reservations should always be confirmed by email, text message or a call from the traveler.

Always go with one’s gut.

If something seems like too good of a deal to be true, it usually is shares the Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad. Be wary of any company offering free flights, free cruises or free hotel stays without some kind of qualifier, such as attending a presentation, or paying a fee. In the digital age, scammers are going after travelers via email, utilizing familiar hacked emails or email addresses that seem to be legitimate in order to target unsuspecting travelers.

For more of the best scam avoidance advice in the travel industry today, contact the Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Announces a New, On-site Call Center Operating in 2015

Customer Team representatives smiling

Grand Solmar Timeshare is pleased to accommodate members better than ever before with its new, dedicated, on-site call center capable of handling all reservation and membership needs.

Grand Solmar Timeshare equates success with its ability to provide incredible accommodations that lead to an outstanding vacation and memorable experiences. In an effort to provide its members’ with better getaways, Grand Solmar Timeshare reached out to its members and opened the lines of communication with the opening of its new on-site call center in Cabo.

Grand Solmar Timeshare understands the importance of the dialogue between members and those responsible for the resort’s continued role as a leader in luxury accommodations. In an effort to further develop this discussion, the resorts will no longer transfer members from one phone line to the other. Instead, Grand Solmar Timeshare has created an integrated team of service-care professionals capable of handling all membership needs. These professionals have been hand-picked for their experience and dedication to provide the best possible membership experience while handling phone calls.

Grand Solmar Timeshare recently conducted a large-scale survey wherein service-care professionals contacted members and asked them how their vacation experience could be improved. Based on the volume of member responses from this recent survey, it is clear that members are aware of Grand Solmar’s dedication to listening to the cares, concerns and desires of its members. It is this type of personal attention that has established Grand Solmar Timeshare as one of the premiere resort destinations in Cabo San Lucas.

Grand Solmar wants to always ensure that its members’ next vacation is even better than the last. This luxury destination knows members want to be greeted by knowledgeable and courteous representatives when they call to make a reservation. This is why Grand Solmar has constructed this new on-site call center to further improve the already open lines of communication where members’ questions, comments and concerns are the utmost priority.

Grand Solmar Timeshare’s goal is to improve upon the already well-established relationship that the resort has with its members in ensuring the highest quality service and member satisfaction.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Parties at Cabo Wabo

best bar in cabo san lucas

For all those hoping to have an exciting vacation, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows there is nothing quite like getting out of town and enjoying yourself amongst the beautiful beaches of Mexico. There are many reasons why travelers pick to visit the exotic destination that is Cabo San Lucas, whether keeping it low key or more of a fun atmosphere.

And for those interested in going out, mixing and mingling with new people and grooving to the music until the sun comes up will want to spend time at Cabo Wabo. Grand Solmar Timeshare shares that this bar and cantina is one of the top spots to spend time at, since a good mix of locals and tourists gather here for drinks, delicious cuisine and of course, dancing all night long.  Many travelers don’t know that Cabo Wabo is the premiere spot for live music in Cabo San Lucas, thanks mostly in part to the famous owner.

Sammy Hagar, one of rock’s legends and former Van Halen front man, is the owner of this successful bar, which also features its own house brand of tequila with the same name. Since opening back in 1990, Hagar is often known to stop by and perform, and more often than not he has some of his famous friends in tow to help bring down the house with top notch rock music. Grand Solmar Timeshare shares fans of this genre of music or those newer to rock will enjoy jamming out at this spot, often a popular pick during the spring break months or any weekend. Grand Solmar Timeshare shares all those who go to Cabo will be having the time of their lives partying with all the people they meet. But keep in mind this is still a great pick for a relaxing vacation—perhaps a massage at a local spa or laying out on the beach after a long night will help bring some of that energy back.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Team Shares Golfer’s Paradise in Cabo San Lucas

The Arch And Land's End At Sunset, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

One of the top things that occurs during the holiday season is gift giving. And what better gift could anyone find for their loved one than getting them a vacation they have been dreaming of? Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Team, a leading luxury vacation provider, invites travelers to enjoy themselves in the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during this winter season. But keep in mind this warm weather destination is perfect for beach and outdoor lovers, but is especially inviting to all those in love with a certain sport.

The perfect gift for all the people who live to spend their days putting on the green, a vacation to Cabo San Lucas is a much needed vacation pick. The area is home to some of the best courses in the country, let alone the entire world. Cabo San Lucas happens to be known for its golfing, and the warm weather keeps people coming back no matter what they season.

El Dorado Golf and Beach Club happens to be the most famous in the area, and Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Team shares this is one course that every traveler will want to try. One thing that visitors remark upon while spending time here is that El Dorado Golf and Beach Club offers a good range of holes that beginner golfer’s can handle, but more experienced golfers will still find challenging.

For travelers who want to enjoy themselves and have a fun vacation that promotes outdoor activities, nature and more, consider visiting Mexico and the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas during the holiday season. This is the perfect time of year to go on a memorable trip with those you care about most. For more information or for other tips for your upcoming vacation, remember that Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Team has got you covered.